The school follow the creative curriculum the a proved by the state of Florida, Students learn speak Hebrew and English. Sentence construction and a focus on thematic vocabulary underscore the Hebrew language program.
Beginning to formally study Judaic subjects, students learn to interpret Chumash (Bible), to perform holiday rituals and to pray as Jews. Special attention is paid to the development of ethical decision-making and empathy as life skills.

Hebrew learning center comprehensive music program is designed to develop musical understanding Hebrew language and proper music Shabbat and holiday songs.
Students learn to express themselves through visual communication. They will be introduced to a variety of artistic media, including clay, collage, drawing, painting, printmaking.

Students have access to play ground facilities. During these times they learn movement and games, as well as sportsmanship and the fundamentals of team sports.

Experience the Hebrew learning center difference:
At Hebrew learning center difference we believe our kids are full of boundless potential.
They can become anything they wish, and with the right teachers and the right guidance they will.
We stand in complete awe of our kids potential.
That’s why we’re inspired every day to create a unique educational experience that helps them to unleash it.
vocabulary expands at least two-thr