Jewish Culture

Jewish Culture

Hebrew learning Center students come from a wide range of Jewish backgrounds and Both families and the center work together to create a welcoming community filled with respect for different levels of religious practice.

Our policies on kashrut, dress, derekh eretz (respect), and other Jewish values are meant to ensure that every student feel comfortabland welcome at communal functions such as birthday parties and Bar/Bat Mitzvah celebrations.

We also hope that this atmosphere of respect will help students perform mitzvot, and thus deepen their relationship with God.

Therefore, Hebrew Learning Center families, regardless of personal practices, are expected to abide by these standards when planning events involving the center.
Derekh Eretz—How We Treat Each Other

At Hebrew Learning Center  of academic excellence is built upon the foundation of derekh eretz, respectful interpersonal relations.

The entire community students, educators, and parents seeks to act in ways that reflect kindness, caring and concern; to use language that is respectful and sensitive; and to always treat each other
with respect.

Every day our students act with derekh eretz, they learn the importance of taking responsibility for their actions. Through clearly defined expectations, and rational consequences, our students mature into self-directed young people who possess a well-developed sense of judgment and self-control.

Our goal is to create and maintain a community of Jewish learners who value their place in our school.